Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One Last Craft

Squeezing in one last project before Christmas. The idea is that Finn will know/learn that what's on this plate is ok for him to eat. We're still catering to wheat and dairy allergies (along with washing powder and anything out of a tin can) so Momma has been very busy making cookies he *can* have for Christmas.

Momma Made - Finn Approved

wheat-free, dairy-free
gingerbread men
This was a very quick, as in less than 15 minutes to draw with Sharpies on a dinner plate we already had, project. The colors changed drastically during the baking process. I'm not disappointed and actually think it's kind of cool they went all Christmassy on me.

my ridiculous looking
pfefferneuße - not Finn ok
My biggest hope for 2015 is that I can share you some of the things I've made this year. They are not many but I am proud of them. And maybe even get to tell you about how I did some of them. Most are not sewing related but they all made me feel creative and energized. Something else I look forward to being more and having more of in the New Year.

Christmas2014 TLF

And with that, I wish each and every one of you the very Merriest and Blessed of Christmases from our little farm on the outskirts of Gent, Belgium.

xox Jovita

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