Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday's are Mine

Yahooooooo ha ha Yipppeeee,
Do you see what I see?

close enough

After a fantastic weekend which included a spontaneous quilting bee with friends I haven't seen in ages on Saturday and Axel coming home earlier from work on Sunday, Monday was as good as if not better than last week.

Call it WAW, WAM 
or just
why not?
thank you MAM!

It was goooooood!

I woke up refreshed and while Finn fed himself breakfast (yes, I know!!!), I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce and stirred together a loaf 100% sourdough rye bread to rise. I had a class in the evening to prep for but first a couple of ladies dropped in to work on our cross-stitch border samplers. I'd show you an update but I haven't taken a pics lately and the lovely light from this morning has been replaced by a lovely light drizzle.

do you see what i see

Last night I taught the next installment of my (in)famous Skills Building class. It was fun, but it does tax my brain to remember everything while concentrating on proper translation at the same time. We're doing ok and I repeat myself a lot. I am make a list of notes / comments / thoughts under the heading 'lost in translation.'

This morning my sewing machine was still set up
on the dining room table so I thought heck. 

put to good use

Why not?

breakfast with patchwork

Finn settled in next to me fed himself toast with peanut butter and I fork-fed almost an entire baked pear to him in between seams. It was lovely. He was closely enough to reach over and touch my shoulder. Which he did often. Peanut butter and all. I was close enough I could lean over and kiss the top of his head. It was lovely. Did I say that already?

oma's (bugel)eisen

So what do you see?

Here's a bit of what you don't see ...
 * I need to figure out this tension issue I've been having with my featherweight
 * Some body(s) are still in their pajamas
 * That seam ripper was put to good use
 * The iron belonged to Finn's great-grandmother
 * This post almost got the title "Close Enough" ... ugh, I struggled with some of my seams but persevered and I'm ok, happy. The pinwheel is better than the multiple goose ...

skills 4A & 5A

And today? Well it's not mine. After that fantastic start, things kind of went to pot. To be honest, I think somebody was playing me. He wouldn't nap. He wouldn't play. He wouldn't eat. He wouldn't drink from a sippy. I finally stepped back. Ate my lunch which got him a bit interested. Put milk in a sippy (instead of water .. we're trying to wean, so this was good!). Then he played before I threw him back in bed. He tried to say NO but momma held out and all is quiet in dream land. For now.

I'm just glad I made such a big pot of spaghetti yesterday. It will be leftovers tonight for sure.

So for now I'm afraid I'll have to leave you. Although the cooking is done, there is still a tad of housework to do. And darn, I should clear my sewing machine of the dining room table. 

BUT .. over the weekend there was another development .. we finally set up a table in my office so hopefully you'll being seeing more !! 

I'd love to give you some more of those Morning Stars.
And I'd really really like to work on my Troost quilt.

Those two .. that's my goal. 

Something for me. 
Something for you.

Oh, and a coat for Finn.

100% rye sourdough

Oh .. and the need for 100% rye bread ??

Finn is allergic .. to wheat, spelt, milk and maybe eggs.
And a little sensitive to salmon.

So until he's done breastfeeding, I'm avoiding all those too.
Bummer but I'm coping and it's good practice for what options we will have to find for him.

At least I'm still ok with chocolate, coffee & peanut butter.
A girl can live on those after all.

... and before I could hit publish, he's awake, again ...
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  1. I hope you remember to rub the peanut butter off your top before you leave the house ;o) Finn looks like he enjoys feeding himself!

  2. wow! I am just catching up on old blogs after a long absence and here you are with a BEAUTIFUL!!! BABY!!! BOY!!! : ) That makes me so happy to see! Congratulations all around. Sorry to hear you guys are battling food allergy fun. We just finished a month of "the whole 30" which is a no-dairy, no grain, no soy, etc. (basically a stricter paleo diet)... we just did it as kind of a reset and cleanse but a lot of people with food sensitivities do it to try to see what causes them trouble. It was challenging but we sure did learn a lot. I'll bet you know more now than you ever thought possible about food sensitivities... Good luck and hang in there - and a big congrats once again on the arrival of your little guy!



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