Monday, March 25, 2013

Snug as ...

... a bug in his own little rug ...

I do apologize if all my latest posts are about our newest addition 
but hope you'll bear with me a little longer.

snuggly buggly

Finn will be in the hospital until at least April 23rd ... he must be at least 36 weeks (gestation) and weight 2.3 kilograms / 5 pounds to be released and come home.

My husband and I were tallying up where my hours are going lately ... between the basics (showering and toiletry), pumping breastmilk (ugh), packing bags, driving too and from the hospital and finding the one parking spot that is still available a whopping NINE hours of my day are gone. And while we included clearing the table after meals we did forget to calculate time at the table.

So I hope you don't mind too much as I periodically use snaps of my sweet as a placeholder here.

I'll do my best to post some creativity .. I knit (slowly) while snuggling him skin-to-skin as much as possible each day ... but sadly this averages at about three hours. If I could I would be there full time ...

Some of you have sent messages asking for updates on Finn so here's a quick run-down ...
  • Today he's 32 weeks gestation ... on Thursday he will be a whole month old!!!
  • Finn almost weighs 1500 grams / 3 lbs, 5 ounces!!!
  • He has monitors for heart rate, respiration and oxygen saturation. All other monitors and IVs have been removed.
  • He receives feedings (we're up to 33 mls seven times per day) via a feeding tube.
  • Hopefully we'll be able to start some breastfeeding around 34 weeks.
  • Finn has grown a quilter's quarter inch since his birth!!

Yesterday he graduated to an open bed - he is holding his own body temp so is snuggled with blankets and this busy mommy is smashing out some long-sleeve snuggles to help keep him warm and cosy.

And thank you .. to you one and all for your well wishes and sweet sweet comments. Next to snuggling with Finn, opening my mailbox (both cyber and postal) is the highlight of my day! I'm sorry that I don't have time at the moment to answer all your comments but I do read them all and often twice ... my husband has been particularly touched as we have heard from all corners of the earth from so many wonderful and kindred spirits.
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  1. He's so darling...and so tiny. What a blessing for your growing family! Keep the updates coming...we love them!

  2. Oh please keep the updates coming. I love seeing your little man and hearing all about your love and joy in him. hugs from Australia xxxx

  3. Wat afijn dat het goed gaat! En wat een lieverd om te zien!! Ik was zeer verrast toen ik je berichtje zag! Gefeliciteerd hoor! Echt fijn dat jullie nu een zoontje hebben! Wat een wonder!
    Hartelijke groet,
    Ingeborg (

  4. My heart just swells each time I see a new pic of Finn. So precious, so loved, so dear!! Looks like he's spending most of his time growing hair on his head!! You and Axel are absolute rock stars of perserverence! I love you three! Deb Vosburgh

  5. He definitely looks like he is growing and what great hair. I don't mind the updates at all I love hearing about Finn and seeing the pictures of him.

  6. I so enjoy your updates! You'll get back to creative stuff eventually, but for now just enjoy every precious minute. Best wishes to all of you!

  7. Just keep posting what you're posting, he is so cute and I love hearing about him!

  8. I love all your updates about Finn - he's absolutely gorgeous and I often think about him during the day so it's lovely to hear news about him. Take care xxx

  9. Please keep us posted on Finn, you and DH. I am so happy for your family. It brightens my day to see a new picture of him. They grow very quickly so enjoy every minute to the fullest. Give him hugs from all his admirers. Remember to take care of yourself as well, we don't want a sick Mommy!
    Blessings to you.

  10. You rush to the hospital....and I rush to see if there is a new entry or pix on the computer about your lovely "family." What fun! The quilting world celebrates. My own daughter is due to deliver May 1 and she too is hooked on darling Finn and his progress. God continue to bless you all.

  11. Your post brought tears of joy and sweet memories of our son who was a 30 weeker. Today he is 24, 6 4 and healthy in all ways! Oh those little moments of steps like moving to the open beds. You will be in thoughts and prayer in the days to come!

  12. What a blessing! I love his silky looking hair!


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