Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sweet Nothing

That is exactly what I have been doing.

sweet nothing JPA 

No sewing and very little knitting .. there just isn't time to squeeze it all in. 
I have 2 free hours between each feeding to eat, shower, tidy up, edit pictures and document Finn's every move.

I do have a room in the hospital just down the hall from him ... *and* I brought my featherweight, but it's still in it's little case. 

Maybe tomorrow, I keep saying.

In the meantime,  Finn reached two Milestones this week...

Yesterday he crossed the 2 kilo mark on the scale.

crossing 2kg

He's wearing one of the hats I knit while I was pregnant,  I ravelled it here and there are also lots more pictures here.

Today Finn is 8 weeks old.

8 weeks old
Finn is pictured here with "Sophie," a gift from one of my dearest friend ... Do any of you remember Sophie? I think I had one when I was little. If you've never met a Sophie before, she's 7" tall.

Maybe one day I'll sew again ...
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  1. Oh My Goodness! Your little "pea" is already 2 months old today and it is the first I've seen of him or even knew he existed! How wonderful is that. I am so happy for all 3 of you. After you quit posting in October, I would check your blog on a regular basis. But then when there was nothing posted, I would check less and less. I thought maybe something was not quite right, but I am not one to pry so I didn't comment. Now I see it was the best kind of news! Finn is sooooooo beautiful and it looks like he will soon be coming home with you where he belongs. Let me say it again, I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL!

  2. Wow two months already. Just look at him. He is so adorable. Sending huge hugs xx

  3. He is so cute! And looks like he is filling out. All the pumping is worth it!


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