Friday, March 8, 2013


I think this picture says it all ...

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  1. You are positively glowing!! (and he's such a wee peanut!). This photo is so worth framing.

  2. OMG how tiny, but how lovely !
    Enjoy !

  3. Oh my gosh, I can't believe how tiny he is, but how wonderful!

  4. Oh he is so tiny and precious. What a little sweetie. I see his papa in him already. Congrats again!

  5. What a sweet picture of both of you snuggled together. He looks so content.

  6. so happy for you and your hubby. What a lovely photo, precious. All the best

  7. Just had dinner with Eric and Stephanie and got to
    hold 10 wk old Blake most of the evening. Eric was
    in see and lost for too much to say except "the picture
    ours it in perspective". .."he's so perfectly tiny".

  8. Wow a wonderful special photo to save forever. Awwww and baby is so small. But am sure he will soon be catching up on the lost time and be a wonderful mischievious little boy in your lives. Huge hugs! Susan from sunny


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