Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do You Mind if I Knit

To keep my hands busy but my head quiet in the evenings I have a new hobby ... of course I don't have a "stash" to support this crazy hobby (hmmm, could it be worse than quilting?) but I have been pinning loads of project ideas.

So yesterday I went with my iPad in hand to Stoffenidee in Gent ... and came home with this ...

Do You Mind if I Knit

We're still not 100% about the babies' sexes although I think it's safe to say we're not having two boys. Shopping when you don't know can be very interesting ... here in Belgium the neutral is beige, blech - lots of beige.

So I'm trying to cover myself in the case of all contingencies. Friday another scan is scheduled so hopefully we'll know more and I will stop the incessant worrying - or does that ever go away? Tomorrow we're HALF WAY - 20 Weeks already. I'm still waiting for someone to pinch me and say "ha, wake up, you were dreaming." 

I don't have anything to show for all my yarn yet but you can get an idea of what I I have in mind  here on Pinterest. Have I mentioned lately that I am addicted to Pinterest? ... oh yeh, and Chai :)

So now I have a weird question - do you think it would be weird to add yarn to my baby wish list? We already have oodles and oodles of baby clothes and are now saving up for the big ticket items like a stroller and carseats, cloth diapers and the perfect rocking chair. And I've gone a little weird and added a few of my favorite holiday cartoons to our Amazon wish list - but is it even weirder to ask for yarn? 

There are sooo many things I want to make ...

By the way if you're a user, you can find me here.
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  1. Such fun those colors! Those kiddos are so fortunate to have a mom that's going to make such wonderful stuff for them! Yes, I'm on ravelry, so perhaps we'll see each other there soon! As for Pinterest - OH my, another social site? How will I ever keep up?

  2. No, it's not weird. I decided nothing is weird :) I saw that if you are a part of the Gezins Bond, you can get dienstencheques for 1 euro less...


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