Saturday, February 4, 2012

One Cold & Snowy Saturday Morning

The shop is open but it snowed yesterday ... there's enough traffic out there but I'm not expecting visitors - Belgian quilters just don't like to go out in the snow. But that's ok, I have a rotten cold and I'd rather not share it with anyone. I still got up this morning after a "reasonable" nights sleep, showered, dressed and opened the shop at 10 - just in case. Then I flipped the switch that turns on my sewing machine, desk lamp and iron and sat down ...

Mini & Maxi Take 1 
Three hours later I had this!

Well, three hours minus plenty of stops to eat a bowl of warm soup, blow my nose countless times and let the cats in and out and in and out. The dog? Oh, she'll gladly just stay in and curl up next to my new pellet stove ... or rest her nose on my lap looking at my with those sad eyes saying "are you sure you don't want to come out and play in the snow with me?"

Did I mention it's a balmy -9C / 16F out there! Hey, it's improving ... we woke up to -11C!!

I'll stay in, thank you, and play ...

Ready to SEW!Cold & Snowy

Now, if this static would just go.a.way! I was cutting the squares yesterday to get started ... and having to peel them off my cutting mat.

The little strips from squaring up, instead of falling into the waste bin like I wanted jumped and stuck to the walls. That is - the ones that I didn't have to shake off my hands first! UGH!!

I'm going to take a break now and go whip up a batch of cookies for the hubby ... he's working this weekend. It's football (soccer) season so they're working 12 days straight loading trucks to head out to venues for finals. I thought he might want a nice cuppa tea when he comes home ... now if I could just decide what kind to make - any ideas??

Enjoy your weekend, Jovita

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  1. Lovely blocks, Jovita, it looks like some cold weather, does a quilter good! LOL! Keeping fingers nimble through stitching and the rest of the body warm with soups and stews, this weather helps in getting a lot done!
    Get better soon,

  2. Really like the "X" blocks. I just bought a pattern that uses them. I am thinking seriously of doing the wedding quilt for my son using it. What do you think of using a small black print or tone on tone for the "X" and sashing? Colors are primarily lime green and hot pink for the squares.

  3. I love your blocks! Sounds like a very cozy place to sit and sew and I know about those in and out cats!
    Winter finally hit Nebraska overnight and we have 8-10" sitting here, very heavy wet snow and it's still coming down. Time to sew and soup sounds good to me!

  4. I love being inside sewing on a cold snowy winter day. Love your bright happy blocks!

  5. I love this pattern, and your blocks are so cheerful on a cold and snowy day! It's great to sew on that kind of day, inside warm and cozy. I would have had spearmint tea to fight off germs. =) And definitely oatmeal cookies with golden raisins or dates or cranberries - or all three plus chocolate chips!

  6. Love your blocks! Hope the static goes soon, it sounds very annoying!


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