Monday, October 3, 2011


My friend Liz is jumping on the wagon and posting on her blog more often. She started it off sort of as a personal account but .. well, you know how it goes .. who doesn't like a little more feedback, inspiration and prodding?

Lucky for me, I met Liz a few years ago when I had my shop in Mukilteo but unluckily we were only able to spend a short time together before I moved to Belgium. The wonderful thing is that the thousands miles and time zone difference has done nothing to diminish our friendship. We keep in touch primarily by texting via skype .. several times a week .. she's always there for a quick question, a pick me up, a very good laugh and tons of inspiration.


Liz is an amazing seamstress and just finished her daughter's absolutely drop dead gorgeous wedding dress - I almost posted a pic .. but then .. hey what would she blog about (insert Very Big Cheeky Grin here).

Liz and I did a swap last winter that I loved .. so much fun. We've got another in the works but the deadline isn't important anymore - two weddings in one summer is a good enough excuse for me ;)

She's also one of the girls Under the Willow Tree so I'm hoping I can get her to post there a time or two too. The summer meant we were all very busy but now that prime quilting season is upon us I am sure you'll see a lot more activity from everyone. Which leads me to another thought ... I've noticed that quite a few of my customers from Mukilteo have blogs of their own. Are you one of them? Would you like to link up somehow? I thought it might be fun. Many of you met each other in the shop but don't or haven't had contact since our sweet little shop closed. Hmmm, maybe an idea for my birthday post .. a big huge party! Stay tuned! Pin It Now!


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