Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sneak Peaks

I have been shamefully AWOL. There's been a lot going on and honestly you'd be bored with all the details.

Let's just say IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN PARIS!!! You see, I turned 40 and next to flying to the East Coast for the changing of the seasons I wanted to go spend just one night in Paris and hit a really good flea market on the morning of my birthday. But I postponed .. for practical reasons .. fall is always busy getting a new class schedule ready, tidying the garden and this year planning two harvest parties - one is definitely worth a post of its own. I'll at least try to share some photos later.

Plus we were scheduled to fly to Seattle on November 2nd for two weeks. It's been 2-1/2 years since I left and the pull of some wonderful friendships had me. We bought tickets and then cancelled. It just wasn't meant to be - not yet.

But a friend from here is there now and she's agreed to bring back a pile of quilts for me. Pretty cool, huh? I left three of them with long-arm machine quilters when I moved to Belgium 2-1/2 years ago and my mom has a queen size one for me. Right now we just don't know when our next trip will be and I don't trust most shipping options for quilts so it's so nice to have the option of someone I trust - thank you so much Leah.

And Liz for whipping around yesterday and picking them all up for me - you're a star. She even took pictures for me. She knows I'm dying to seeing and this gives me record if they do for any reason ... No!, it doesn't even bear thinking about.

Here are a few peeks ... they all need binding so I know what I'll be up to over the holiday break.

Small disclaimer: this is the first time I've blogged from my iPad so I hope the pic qualities are ok and that I caught all the crazy typos.

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  1. The quilts are amazing - can't wait to see more photos of them!!


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