Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Design Process .3.

Asking (and Letting) the Design Tell it's own  Story

You can tell summer hit here because I really dropped the ball. We've had fantastic weather and it feels like there are a million things to do. It would be so easy for me to hide in my studio all day and create ... but "real life" calls so I've had to leave the stitching for the evenings.

Design Process .2.
When I left you last on this project I felt like it was going in a very different direction than I thought.  No longer a "typical" piece of patchwork with some hand embroidery and applique, this piece was beginning to tell it's own story.

The basic elements were still there, quite a few of the motifs from my original brainstorming were working. But clearly that bird needed to be bigger so I let her take over and then I just listened while she told me a story. I grabbed a blank sheet and started scribbling away while she sang her tune.

Design Process .2.

Set her free
For your song
will always be
in her heart
She will build
her own nest
And make you proud

Set Her FreeSo now I sit here with these saltwater pearls in my hand, ready to add them ... Ready for her song to be complete. Thinking about Mary and her love for her daughters with every stitch.

Happy stitching, Jovita Pin It Now!


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