Sunday, February 1, 2009

Survey Results

Well, the results are in for P&P’s first customer base survey. It was a very interesting experience for us. So many of you answered and we’ve compiled the results for you below. Many of you added comments, personal messages and suggestions. Thank you so much!

We’ll aim for frequent surveys to reflect your interests so keep your ideas coming. Our next survey will also expand on these results to clarify and add to the results.

We received comments about why and how we have our machines serviced. Things we love and hate about our machines. So many thoughts and ideas - I will be expanding on them in upcoming blog updates, so be sure to check back soon and often.

How many Sewing Machines do you own?
38% of us own 4 or more sewing machines
24% of us own 3 machines
22% of us own 2 machines
16% of us own 1 machine

What Brand of sewing machine do you primarily use to piece your quilt tops?
Baby Lock 3%
Bernina 30%
Elna 3%
Husqvarna 4%
Janome 10%
Kenmore 2%
New Home 2%
Pfaff 24%
Singer 2%
- Featherweight 5%
Viking 11%

How old is your Sewing Machine?

4% of our machines are “New”
(less than one year old)
17% are 1-2 years old
28% are 3-4 years old
33% are 5-10 years old
35% are 10+ years old

How often do you clean and oil?
12% weekly
30% monthly
14% every three months
14% twice per year
22% once per year
8% answered “Am I supposed to?”

Do you service your machine regularly?
11% answered “No”
17% answered “Yes, I do it myself”
48% answered “I take it to the repair (wo)man annually”
24% answered “I take it to a repair (wo)man only if I have a problem”

Those surveyed were asked to choose 3 criteria which they deemed 'most important' when deciding where to take their machine for repair or service?
66% answered “Location / Convenience”
54% answered “Brand Affiliation”
53% answered “Turn-around Time”
47% answered “Accessibility” - ie, the ability to speak to your repair (wo)man directly
32% answered “Cost”

Are you happy with your current machine or would you like to buy a new one?
72% answered “I love my machine and don't want to change”
26% answered “I'd like to buy a new one but the current economy has me thinking twice.”
2% answered “I'd like to buy a new one and am on the lookout!”

In addition to piecing, what else do you use this machine for?
79% of us use the same machine for various Craft and Sewing Projects
77% of us also use the same sewing machine for Straight Line Quilting
57% of us use the same machine for Free Motion Machine Quilting
66% of us use the same machine for Garment Sewing
63% of us use the same machine for Machine Applique

Do you use a different machine for quilting?
64% answered “No, I primarily hand quilt or send my quilt tops to a Long Arm Quilter.”
36% answered “Yes”
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