Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Cheer & Challenge Revealed

This last Tuesday was our annual challenge reveal in Mülheim . . .  what a wonderful day.  The picture above was a peak through Gila’s studio window as we gathered around a merry table to chat, stitch and share.

We all took home a little pile of fun and festive things.  Here’s a peak at what stood
before me on the table.  Everyone brings little “goodies” - a few of “us” hadn’t but will make up for it in a new year.

This year many of us did bring yummies to share and we feasted on a gorgeous and very festive beet salad with apples and walnuts, smoked trout, a cheese board and variety of bread plus broccolli salad and pumpkin pie from the Goldschmidt kitchen and of course cake - to celebrate Gila’s December birthday.
Gila also unwrapped her birthday blocks - this year we each gave each other one block following a set of guidelines, I’ll tell you more about those later in January.  Our challenge next year is to do actually do something with the blocks . . .

The culmination of the day was to “reveal” our challenges for this year - our theme was “CRAZY.”

Unfortunately, I had a bit of a “where is it” problem.  With all my to’ing and fro’ing, I couldn’t the piece I wanted to use.  It was a Christmas-themed crazy in Reds, Greens and Golds.  I had made tons of progress and wanted to finish it off in an unusual way . . . but lo and behold - I could not find it anywhere.
Searching through my studio I was berating myself out loud and at one point mumbled “this is just plain crazy, there’s no way I have time for *another* project.”  Well, that thought led to another and the phrase “Just Plain Crazy” stuck in my head big time.  So . . . yes, I started another project.  Of course this is as far as I got.  Of course, there was quite a chuckle as I pulled piece by piece out of my basket.

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