Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Kiss of Spring is a Wonderful Thing!

Axel's Garden
Editor's note:  This entry was originally posted on my old blog 29APR2009.  Life has changed, the blog has changed and the shop now has a new home.  But it's history and some of it's interesting ... and I hope you enjoy some of the background.  signed JG, 12AUG2010

Phew - I am so glad Spring has finally arrived ...

First thing you'll notice is that it's been ages since I've posted ... why? Well, there's been a lot going on and I hope you'll understand.
  1. I wanted to move my blog - involves finding the right location and the actual move - accomplished yesterday.  We hope you like the new look.  It turns out that move wasn't right either.  I'm hoping this new start will be the right one.
  2. In January I had to make the very difficult decision to close our showroom in Everett (Washington).  Decisions like this make me want to stick my head in the sand ... but made it needed to be and I think (eventually) it will feel as right as it should.  It was the right decision, I know that now and am loving having the shop here in Belgium.  But a visit to the NW would not go amiss, I am missing everyone sooo much!
  3. I travelled to the US for 10 weeks - yes, 2-1/2 months - all in one go.  That's just too darn long to be away from home but there was a lot to do.  It turned out I bounced around staying with a bunch of friends which was a lot of fun but did cause (just a little bit) of disorganization.
  4. Therefore ... many things fell by the wayside - the blog was just one.
Container bound for Belgium
Here's a picture of the container we shipped to Belgium - thank goodness to a number of friends who helped me pack it just two days before I flew out ...

I returned back from Seattle last Friday and am becoming reacquainted with my home and garden.  Ha - if I thought my "work" list was long ... you should so the household list of things to do.  That of course never ends.  We moved to a bigger home/shop in December '09 and I'm slowly (painfully slow) getting it re-decorated and looking more homey.

Regardless, I'm going to forge ahead.  You'll see many changes at PEACOCK & periwinkle - yes, we are still around - we still carry ribbons, silk and many other wonderful things that you have always enjoyed from us in the past.  Yes, indeed, P&P has gone through some changes.  The shop is now branded "Jovita's Patchwork Atelier" - to make it more European multi-language friendly.  But P&P will still be around more in it's original capacity as a "resource center."  I hope to tell you more about that soon.

So - rest assured I'm back and eager to show and share everything I've been up to ... stay tuned!  Well, it turns out I wasn't as rested as I hoped.  It took me nearly a year to build up the energy to re-open the shop and another summer to be ready to tackle blogging again.  Long may this new burst of energy last. Pin It Now!


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