Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Updating Goals

I am determined that 2008 will be a year of accomplishment.  There’s so much inspiration out there, so much energy - now just to capture it.  Use it as fuel and burn on!My day, the first “working” day of this new year, started with a tidy.  Not deep, but enough that I can could sweep my half of the studio, clear off my sewing area.
A new day - another year!  I always have a to do list going.  Usually I loose it, make a new one, find it and loose the other.  But lately, I’ve taken to keeping one binder on my desk and each week I re-write my to do list.  Check things off, re-prioritize, make notes of progress.
I also cleaned off my design way and hung projects I need and want to work on.  Plus a few things just for inspiration.  It felt good, really good. 

This year’s goals?
• Rest More
• Spend time with Friends
• Update blog often
• Sew every day!
• Keep on Task

I wish you the most wonderful start to 2008.
May this year find you creative, productive and expressive!

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