Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Crazy Weekend

Last weekend we had a blast once again in Koblenz.  It was a small gathering but we definitely went crazy.  
So I thought I’d share my crazy quilt with you.   I swore I’d never make a crazy.  I think what turned me off were how dark they can often be and having seen so many contemporary crazies that were so full your eye couldn’t take it all in - ever.   What changed my mind?  One of my student/friends in Koblenz showed a crazy she did.  There was no turning back after that.  I’ve always embroidered since I was a kid so  . . . never say never.   
I started with a plan. I wanted mine to be simpler, lighter and symbolic.  It was important that this quilt turned out to be bright, fresh and cheerful.  This was to be no mourning quilt as many crazies were, but rather a celebration!  The spring green and magenta should make sure that it never becomes somber.  The rose and ivory will keep it sot.  Later I added teal and sapphire in the hopes it will add a sense of sophistication.   Of course I can’t help adding a bit of periwinkle too . . . my plan keeps morphing but I’m still happy with the result.  I’ve nearly finished four blocks.  I’m alphabetizing them as I go.  Each block gets a monogram.  Blocks B and D still need some work, A is pretty much done and C is nearly there too.
When I started it, I chose to write a journal alongside it . . . I was surprised to open it in class and find that I had started the quilt in 2003.  August to be exact.  
My first entry reads as follows:
Block “A”  The antique lace was
purchased from a rummage sale and the buttons are a few from my growing collection.  
I would like to experiment more with raised Brazilian embroidery - the cast-on rose.  The row of daisies are in honor of a friend’s yellow lab (aptly named Daisy) that we’re dog-sitting the weekend that I started this quilt.  The peacock is my own rendition  and I want to include more to represent our business.  I plan to include more beads, but will keep them simple so they don’t overpower or make the quilt too heavy.

Just a few of the stitches I showed this weekend included:
  1.  Chain Stitch and Lazy Daisy stitch 
  2.  Cast-on Rose
  3.  Poinsettia or Edelweiß flower (next to letter D)
  4. Woven Heart (the one shown here is only half finished.     It’s a basic darning stitch, but is quite nice to use for simple shapes.

Note for those who are truly shocked . . . The pink looks really vicious here but it’s not nearly so neon.  In real life it’s much more of a raspberry-ish magenta.
I think my favorite motif all weekend was this one of beads and knots.  It was just something fanciful that I added to as I went along.
The nice thing is that I’m very relaxed about finishing this quilt.    It does not have to happen tomorrow or even next year.  I only work on it when the mood takes me there.  And I don't stress about it in the meantime. this could take me the rest of my life.
I envision this being a quilt I work on for many years to come, journalling and adding things that are appropriate to my life at that time.   Essentially this will be my journal quilt.
A journal of my crazy life!

Here’s to your history of quilting,     Jovita

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