Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Day Out

The bathroom decoration-turned-renovation is still progressing. Grouting is finished and hopefully I can silicone around the bath tomorrow ... real showers are on the horizon.

So today we're off to Germany to have lunch with Axel's mom for her birthday. I finally get to give these to her.
Mother-in-law Owls

I look pretty spiffy except for the grey paint that I can't get off. It is *definitely* warmer weather to stay here so the skirts have come out of the closet !! Yippeee.

On another note, Maria sent me this link .. after picking my self up off the floor .. *and* do a lot of thinking .. and a sleepless night.  We've decided to go for it. Deb's joining us too and we're looking for anyone else who wants to join us! We're all using Kaffe Fasset style fabrics in a cross of "Kaffe meets Jane" and "Rainbow Jane", some of will stick to the letter of the quilt, others are definitely going to bend those rules! Do you want to join us?? Yes, you do!  I'll tell you more next week.  But man oh man.

For some extra inspiration head on over to Twiddletails and check out her Rainbow Jane.

And if you're waiting for the next release of Got Dots .. the Bowl Block will be posted here on the blog on April 15th ... keep working on those hearts :) Pin It Now!


  1. Do you have a pattern/instructions for the owls? I want to make owls! A friend in America made precious book ends and I was inspired, but maybe my help is across the street instead of across the ocean!

  2. Hi Jovita, I'm kinda new to your blog and haven't commented before, but just had to let you know that I followed your link to the Green Fairy blog and like you I'm picking myself up off the floor. That is without a doubt the most beautiful DJ I have ever seen.I would love to join you, but alas it just isn't in by budget right now. I'm definately going to put it on by to do list and will await updates and pictures on your DJ. Thanks so much for sharing that link with all of us.
    Pam in Tacoma


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