Monday, January 31, 2011

I {heart} DOTS

Got Hearts!
It's been busy, busy here this weekend with scraps of fabric flying in every direction!

We're just about ready to roll out Part Two of the great GOT DOTS quilt along.  So I'm testing the templates now to make sure you'll like them.  I appliqued the first four larger skinnier hearts in a couple of hours this afternoon and have the very sweet little hearts basted in place for tonight's handwork.

GOT DOTS scrap basket
I *nearly* showed you a pic of my living room from this weekend.  My husband was sorting through boxes of his touring info on one sofa while I had piles and box of scraps on mine.

Oh my ... it . was . a . mess!

Dotty Organization :)But this is what it looked like after all that *organization* ... I think I'm set now for scraps for this quilt and will enjoy watching it grow and grow and grow.  This basket and tray sit next to the sofa now ready for evening "entertainment"

I {heart} DOTS
I think I just mocked up the label for my quilt too ... but I may write it " i {heart} dots " ... not sure yet :)

Here's a quick shot of the 170 dots I cut out and basted around cardstock in the course of two evenings.   170 sounds like a lot o' dots ... but it takes 21 for each dotty block so, um, that's a whopping 8 blocks in that little Bonne Maman jam jar.

Lots o' Dots
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  1. I love how they look! Especially how the hearts make up a star. Is that how it's going to look when all sewn?

  2. I didn't notice the heart making a star, pretty! Wow, so many dots!

  3. Olá!!!

    Achei muito lindo!!! Pois os corações formam uma linda estrela. Amei!!!!

  4. Are you sharing the hear pattern? I love dots!

  5. O.k. this little organization will help me to get inspired to get organized. Thanks for the inspiration. Now to pull some Bright scraps. :)And to find a cute box, I also think I'm gonna go to JoAnns and get one of those circle punches to punch out the cardboard circles.


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