Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mother May I Have ... "a do-over" ... please?

We're mid-way through January, you haven't heard from me for two months and 
I'm *finally* wishing you a !! Happy New Year !!

Yes, I'd like a do-over ... please ...
Axel's Snails

It was *another* stressful end to an old year and if I was a cynic I'd have to wonder if the holidays will ever regain that sparkle for us.  Suffice to say, I spent the entire month of December on bed-rest - doctor's orders.  Without getting into all the nitty-gritty and over-share that I'm never too sure about in blogs, facebook, broadcast emails and dare I mention Christmas letters ... I'm fine.  I'm healthy.  Things . are . going . to . be . ok.  It was a tough month and ended sadly but we're picking up the pieces and moving on.

But honestly ... two years in a row?  Last year we moved in December (never again!) and we were also dealing with highly-emotional issues throughout the entire 2009 holiday season.  So this is not what I needed, wanted or wished for Christmas 2010.  Our home in Kalken has yet to see our Christmas decorations.  For two years running no cookies or fruit cakes were baked - thank goodness for the very brandy mini mince pies that a friend sent from England and a sampling of cookies and sugared almonds that Axel's mom made for us.

So I'm just going to take a stand now - 'nuf said - it's a New Year, Clean Slate ... and I am going to make a difference!  I don't make New Year's resolutions ... but I can tell you that I'm 20 pounds lighter and the scale is still tipping in my direction ... yes, I'm loving that!

Most of all this year, I'd like to carve out more sewing time for myself.  I have a million QUiPs (QUilts in Progress) and it would be so nice to get a few finished.  Nope, ain't gonna do it - I will not set a number to this goal.  I'll do better just tackling them one at a time - some will be quick finishes ... others will just take ages.  One . at . a . time . is my motto.

But ... when my friend Maria announced on the 9th of January that she had not one but TWO finishes already for 2011, I figured I'd better get started so I grabbed the one closest to me.

Axel's Snails Trail started as a family project, the plan was that we would all make a quilt for each other.  We started off with the best of intentions but by the time we got to my quilt things didn't go so well ...  I thought that by using foundation piecing the results would be a bit similar.  Um, nope, eh-eh, not a chance.

Unfortunately I am having to do lot's of do-overs.  Oh well, it's for a good cause, right?  I think I'm up to about 100-ish blocks so hmmm, nearly half-way there.  But having pulled out the packet last Saturday, I've logged anywheres from 1 to 3 hours of piecing each day.  Not bad ... but sadly I've had to set myself a daily goal of minimum 5 blocks / maximum 10 blocks per day ... because unfortunately I have to "work" too ... and otherwise I'd just sew and sew and sew and ...

Here are the nitty gritty quilty details - in case you're interested...
  • started in 2003 or 2004?
  • 4-1/2" finished blocks
  • foundation paper pieced (mostly *through* the paper, although now I'm using freezer paper and am finding I can re-use my template about 5-6 times)
  • goal is for it to be about 63" x 76-1/2"
  • need 238 blocks to make this happen
  • the "black" fabric is a very dark batik that includes a touch of blue ... probably a Hoffman ...
  • the "blues" are various shades of cadet, grey-ish blue and a bit of aqua-ey turquoise
  • it will look gorgeous in his office - it was inspired by this poster that I've always loved
  • I plan to hand quilt it ... if the batik isn't too much of a hassle ...
  • debating whether or not to use black batting - to avoid bearding but will it muddy my lighter blues?
oh, PS, that Christmas card / letter ... we're still working on that ... honest :)

Happy Everything!  xox Jovita
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  1. Good to hear from you and happy to know that you are well....this quilt is going to be Gorgeous!

  2. Looking great! And glad to hear the clouds are lifting for you!!

  3. Yummy quilt, though I think you are mad using such small blocks :) I'd guess it's the Stof black batik, but only because I use that one a lot and I love the slight blue tone to it.

    I would try putting something black under the top and see how it looks. Black wadding often doesn't show through as much as I think it will, but you are right it can sometimes make things look a little muddy.

    Good luck with getting things finished, but don't hold your breath, businesses eat time.

  4. Good to hear from you! Yay for the 'favor of the scale'! I will bring your candy canes sometime...


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