Thursday, September 16, 2010

My muse made me do it

So when I gave Axel a quick kiss on his way out the door this morning I forgot that he wouldn't be home tonight.  He's delivering something for work about 4 hours away, then heading back to Duisburg to take his aunt out for afternoon "kaffee und kuchen," then spending the night at his parents and heading home tomorrow.

Wow ... a whole day and a half to myself.  I have so much to do ... I should be working on this, that and definitely this (especially because I really need to hang it in our living room soon - see below)!

Kitchen greenUnfortunately my day has been a little bit all over the place. Yesterday (and again this morning) the electrician was here to repair numerous things including re-wiring the corner of the kitchen where our microwave - I won't bore you with the details of this job - suffice to say I now have an ugly cable on the *outside* of the house. Regardless, this meant I needed to move everything the cupboard holds onto the kitchen table. Then when he left last night I decided that since the cupboard was empty and moved I should paint the wall behind it ... I have been toying with this idea for awhile and wanted to use the same dark green I had painted the kitchen in Schellebelle.  It was a quick job first thing this morning but hmm ... now I'm wondering if it's too dark ... ?

Vanilla against Dirty White never works
We've also been trying to figure out what to do with our living room.  We just moved it upstairs ... it always think of Jane Austen's period when I think of this ... but our house is nothing like that.  It's just that I really needed my office to be bigger and have a dedicated class table in the shop.  So we hired a furniture lifter to shift our vanilla sofas upstairs through the french doors.  But that created the whole problem of the dealing with the ghastly wallpaper.  When it was our bedroom I could live with it - eyes closed!  But now it's driving me crazy.  Look at this horrible texture.  So ... what would it look like if I painted it?  Or if my muse painted it?

First I tried the new color I was considering for the living room - ugh - I accidently bought oil-based. My Painting MuseAh-ha! When I was digging out the kitchen paint I also found a partial can of my favorite favorite blue that we had in the living room in Schellebelle. I dashed downstairs, cleaned my brush, stirred that blue and ran back up to see what would happen - I LOVE IT!  Now if only that oil base would dry so I can paint over it before Axel gets home.  It is going to make the room a little bit darker but it has those lovely windows / door.  And the sofas are light - very light - too light.  Will deal with that in another 5 years ...

In the end not a single stitch was put into anything today.  But the shop just closed so dinner, walk Whisper and then ... hmm, paint or sew?  Which one will it be?

Oh .. and I promised to tell you about the Mülheim girls' dots ... before I head to get dinner I will blog about the Under the Willow Tree - so be sure to check them out there! Pin It Now!


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