Tuesday, September 28, 2010

dark and bleary

I am so sorry for not posting this week. I really have been busy and have lots to show, but after kermis and the resulting lack of sleep I came down with something. Enough that I even broke down and went to the doc - probably the first time in 10 years ... it's all in my head. No really, stuffed up nose, sometimes weepy eyes, heavy and tired. So I spent the weekend on the sofa - but not with empty hands ... I made these ... but the weather is not cooperating so good pics were hard.
Whhoooo hoot!   Can you see us in the dark?
I've also been fast and furiously busy with more blocks from my Bunny Hill Designs BOM from *last* year. Pulled fabrics and prepped pieces for at least another dozen blocks (because I'm doing two quilts at the same time). Hopefully I'll get the embroidery done on them soon so I can show off too.

Got Dots is growing as well ... and I promise an update post soon.

In the meantime it's another busy week in the shop - quilting bee today, QUiPs tomorrow, open also Thursday. Hmmm, maybe Friday ... bear with me.

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  1. cute owls! And the picture is just right. They have to be in the dark. That's what they like best ;-)
    Hope you feel better soon! Have some chickensoup. Grandma's recipe for colds. oh and for a stuffed up nose, half of an onion on a plate on your bedstand helps!

  2. Linda sua corujas, estimos melhoras.

  3. Cutey Patutti owls - love them!!

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