Monday, November 12, 2007


Having an international marriage and sometimes being in the States and sometimes in Europe means that we often “move” Thanksgiving.  In fact this year, we’ll celebrate twice.
Last night we were joined by a dear friend, Ulrich and our Neighbours for a lovely evening.  We won’t talk about the turkey . . .  they’re different here . . .  But everything else was gorgeous and pronounced deliciously edible by guests who have never experienced Sweet Potatoes, Cornbread Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce (I add oranges and walnuts to mine).   But I have to say that the Broccoli Salad was the biggest hit.  For the most part (except the Turkey) I was very pleased with the results as well.  However, clean-up . . . well in our house, the holiday has been aptly dubbed "Day of 100 Pots.”  Axel’s family will visit the first weekend of December for another Turkey fest as it co-incides with his aunt/godmother’s birthday. 
As for projects and work this week . 

. .  I continue to work on the stars galore pattern.  I am sewing through it one more time and having it tested before releasing it.  But a kit / block of the month will be available for the colorway in this sample.

More Imperial arrived from Robert Kaufman this week too.  I can hardly wait to start sewing on this.  There’s a beautiful large peony floral in three colorways and the coordinates are outstanding.  All touched with a bit of metallic gold.  There is so much potential . . .
Convergence9 Patch PizzazBQ.

 Lately, I’ve also been having fun with these balls.  In an attempt to spend quiet evenings with my husband, I’ve been working on these.  I can’t sit still with nothing in my hands so while we watch his evening round of news, weather and programs  . . . I’ve been playing.  They’re made from ribbons and silk and we’ll have kits available at our open house in February.
And we had so much fun with the Toybox panel drawing (won by Peggy who “never wins anything”) that we’re going to do it again.
Tell us your favorite Thanksgiving tradition and your name will go in a Pilgrim’s hat for a free 1/2-yard cut of any piece of the
Imperial or Florentine collection.
. . . mmm, cranberries!  Jovita

Hi Jovita!
Thanksgiving was not my favorite holiday growing up.  I was an only child.  My family was the marrying kind - meaning people in my family never said the word "divorce" but rather they were between marriages.  Since many of these people did not want to be in the same room with each other, I ended up being pulled here there and the other place so this relative and that could see me.  On top of that, Thanksgiving food is not my thing.  I have never liked turkey and I have never eaten sugar, so I ended up starving while others gorged on Thanksgiving.  My last Thanksgiving as a single woman was disapointing too.  My father and his wife were in the same town where I was at the time with plans to visit one of her daughters.  I was not on their agenda.  My then fiancee (now my wonderful husband) went to his grandparents for a traditional Thanksgiving and since we were not married yet, I was not invited.  I ended up making a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese in my apartment.
Now that I am a real live adult, I understand the real meaning of Thanksgiving.  It is not about the food.  It is not about traveling.  It is not about the super-giant-mega sale that starts at 4 AM on Friday morning.  It is about loving and appreciating the place you are in now.
Michael & I have had some wonderful Thanksgivings.  Some years, like this one, it is simply the two of us.  We are enjoying a quiet day at home.  Michael will make some egg and soy sausage sandwiches later on and we will watch a movie on DVD.  Then we will go work out at our 24 hour fitness center.  It is a good day.
For a number of years we went to an "Orphan Thanksgiving".  A married couple of friends would invite people who did not have local family and we would have a big potluck.  It was a wonderful time of just us grownups hanging out.
I was amazed at the different ways people celebrate the holiday when we were invited to spend it with Denise & Todd Kinsfather and their three boys.  I had never spent a holiday with children.  Remember, I am an only child and Michael & I do not have children.  It was a wonderful experience!  The boys telling what they were thankful for - so cute!  Then after dinner the four of us adults playing a board game.  It was a very special time.
However you choose to spend today, please remember to be thankful for all of the goodness that surounds us.
Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 11:22 AM
Hi Jovita,
We just got back from our journey to Sacramento for Thanksgiving.  Had a great time visiting family.  It was funny that you asked for us to share a Thanksgiving tradition, as I was just thinking about my favorite during the long drive home......   IMy family had almost every Thanksgiving at our home.  My mom was/is an amazing cook so we were always thankful for that!  I always helped in the kitchen as well as my sister.  Mom always made sure we knew how to make the best gravy - it seemed to be a test of womanhood to her.  You had to know how to make good gravy if you wanted to catch a good man!  But my favorite Thanksgiving tradition was of my father carving the turkey and how he always made sure that the wishbone was saved and set up on the window sill to dry to be used for wishing for my little brother and I.   My goodness, how that silly wishbone brought so much excitement!  I hope that your days filled with happiness and warmth and that your wishes come true.  Happy Thanksgiving~
Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 10:40 PM
Jovita, Long time,
I guess my favorite Thanksgiving tradition ( other than eating until I'm sick, and visiting with as many family members as we can cram into the house) is going to a movie after dinner. We argue over which flick to see and since so many other people seem to have this same "tradition" the theatre is full and noisy and just fun, even if the movie is not great, like the year I picked Bad Santa!
Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 07:34 PM
I love hearing about holiday traditions as I'm ever seeking to make traditions meaningful.  (Sometimes the same old thing done every year turns into a meaningless routine along the way.)  At any rate I think it is important on Thanksgiving to be thankful and think about and maybe talk about what it is you're thankful for.  It helps put things into perspective sometimes.  I love playing games after the food it cleared and the kitchen cleaned up: board games, card games, and, my favorite game, Scrabble.  But I do think my most favorite tradition is either sending people home with or being able to take home leftovers so that I can remember the day and the people and be able to enjoy that good food longer (I don't like to stuff myself at one meal.)  Sadly, I didn't get to take home leftovers this year but I do plan to make an apple pie soon.  I have a turkey in the freezer so maybe in Feb. or March I'll thaw it out and make a mini Thanksgiving dinner, be thankful again and coerce my daughter to play scrabble with me.
Friday, November 30, 2007 - 03:32 PM
We have always spent Thanksgiving with family, and it usually turns out to be a casual, fun, and laid back type of day. We've tried many times to add new items to our dinner menu, but each one seems to be someone's favorite part of the meal! So it's usually turkey, cranberries, mashed and sweet potatoes, salad, stuffing and gravy - my favorite is a curried fruit bake that is just spicy enough to add some zing to the whole dinner. Then we gather around and put together a jigsaw puzzle, catch up and watch football. My favorite part is having a house full of people!
Friday, November 30, 2007 - 03:34 PM
Our Thanksgiving has always been the traditional, all the family, turkey/ham salad, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing....this year was different as most of my adult jids and grandkids have been on the east coast this year (they are moving back here this next week, hold them in your prayers as they are driving from Virginia).
So, this year, Andy and I spent the day together.  My middle son, Brandonand his wife Stephanie sat down to an eerily quiet Thanksgiving.
I know this has made me appreciate family more...and Andy says he will try to not grumble when the grandkids get loud...which is frequent if they are all here (we have 7, with another due in June)
And, the 2nd best Thanksgiving tradition is the Turkey tettrazini on Sunday!.
Friday, November 30, 2007 - 06:57 PM
Our family has the tradition of saying what we are thankful for, which cannot include family, food or friends  (the 3 F's).  This year we didn't know how thankful we could be, when my 29 year old neice waited until this time of the meal (her favorite by the way), to tell us that a melanoma removed on the 19th had "good news", and was not malignant.
Saturday, December 1, 2007 - 08:16 AM
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