Tuesday, February 22, 2011

U Pick

U PickMoose on the Porch Quilts is hosting a fun quilt along using Layer Cakes and I got to play along as one of the designers. Too fun, right? Phew, yeh! First I had to decide which block I wanted to share, then make it in 12" (that's huge for me) plus make sure you could get all the pieces from a Layer Cake (a 10" square).

I had a blast! and came up with this ... the U Pick block.

Every one of these blocks is made using the exact same elements and the fabrics in the same position ... I just shuffled the 9 units around to get the different options.

So, if you're wondering what layout I chose to sew my units into .. here it is!

U Pick Block (front)

I took a pic of the back for you too so you can see the pressing instructions in action.

U Pick Quilt Block (reverse)

And a close up of the points .. this is why I recommend not pressing the half-square triangle units until you've decided which layout to use.

U Pick Quilt Block

So be sure to go check out Moose on the Porch Quilts
and the first 9 blocks.

p.s. You can also play around by sewing the (red) bar to the (cream) edge of the goose instead of next to the triangles.
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  1. Nice! Do you have a design for charm packs too?

  2. Just wanted to say what a beautiful block this is and love the options. Colors are terrific.

  3. Absolutely wonderful...great color choice. I couldn't agree more about the pressing. Waiting to see the placement of an element of a block before you press can help with the proper matching of points and keeping it all nice and crisp.


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