Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5 months and growing like a weed

While I wasn't looking 5 months flew by ...

5 month Finn & Fynn

he surprised us all with a terrible bout of the chicken pox


and a gigantic growth spurt

6 weeks growth spurt

4770 grams / 10-1/2 lbs
a gain of 1550 grams / 3 lbs, 6-2/3 oz in 6 weeks

57 cm / 22-7/16 in
he has grown 8,4 cm / 3-1/3 in 6 weeks

head circumference
40,5 cm / 16 in
an expansion of 3,5 cm / 1-3/8 in 6 weeks

(Measurements from doctors appointments on 11 June and 25 July 2013)

In the meantime, I have managed a little bit of sewing here and there ...
I just need to find the time to photograph things.

And it looks like we will be moving house.

Very excited.

Already exhausted.

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  1. Wow, look how much he's grown! Glad the chicken pox is gone, must have been dreadful for you all.

  2. Chicken pox! And he is getting so big and plump-ish. I hope that is a good thing after he started out so little. My son was always long and skinny-he was never that squishy roly poly baby. It's no surprise he's 6'3" now!


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