Sunday, September 9, 2012


Thirteen years ago today my dad left this place for greener pastures. 

While computer geeks around the world waited for potentially strange things to happen, 
my dad with his fantastic mathematical mind slipped away. 

On the 9th of September, 1999. 

That he called for me in the hours before he went I know. That they never took him home in spite of his wishes still makes me a little mad. That he went so soon, too early, when he did, that will always hurt.

But that he now grows a perpetual pea patch 
where my own two little peas lie between the rows 
and nibble away to their hearts content 

... of this I have no doubt ...

My dad could grow the best peas 
... ever ... 

dad's peapatch

I made this block for My "Jane" quilt yesterday all the while thinking about him.

About the things he taught me and what he left behind. 

A lot. AND Not much. 

What struck me more than anything was how few personal belongings he had. I had never thought about it before. I have and cherish his last gardening hat. He'd had several. They were always straw when one wore out there would be another. I don't know who bought them. They almost always had a hole in the tip at the front where he would lift it repeatedly to wipe his brow. He wore two rings. A "ruby" ring that I coveted, but he made it clear to me that someone else was to get it. In the end it seemed that only I knew this so made his wishes known. I am consoled by having his wedding ring, I wear it almost every day.

All day long I kept thinking, I wish I had a picture of his hands. 

Axel says my hands look like his ...

my hands 9.9.99

And if you're wondering about this picture of my hand in my photostream,
then please read this

There are more blog posts waiting for final a edit ... yes, I still have to share pics of our anniversary weekend. But while my mind is full and my heart overflowing, my concentration is still suffering ... positively lacking as evidenced by the other Jane blocks I tried to make yesterday. You're sure to find booboos here, but I'd like to re-read my other posts before I hit that publish button.

But I'm taking a technology break this weekend ... enjoying myself while Axel works. The weather is fantastic and I have a basket of handwork, tall glass of water and a ball for the dog at my side.

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  1. Your thoughts sound very similar to what my own often are come Christmastime. I lost my mom December 26, 1999. She had battled MS for 15 years and died at the young age of 60. My sister inherited her diamond ring and I her 1970 Mustang of which she was the original owner. It was the car I got to drive when I turned 16 and got my license. I don't think we ever really appreciate our parents fully until we lose them. I'm grateful for the memories but would be so much more grateful were my mom still with us. My sister took her death very hard, and I tried to console her with the thought that we should focus not on what we lost but on what Mom gained. Even after all these years that's sometimes easier said than done.


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